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What is this?

Welcome to the CDS DocBoX, an experiment in deep interactive “TV” from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

DocBoX, a project of CDS’s DocX lab, draws on analog, and random, modes of discovery to create new ways of interacting with digital media, much like our CDS Shortwave site.

Connect your smartphone and use it to explore four channels of content—the experience will be different each time you visit. This site has no menus other than what will appear on your phone, which serves as your remote control.

How does it work?

Select at least one channel from the content collection on your phone/remote, then set it on a flat, level surface and rotate it like a dial to move between the different “programs” on the selected channel(s). (Tapping selected channels turns them off.) To turn the sound off (gray) and on (green), tap the Audio button on lower left. To learn more about what you’re watching, turn on (green) the Info button on lower right—text and links will appear on desktop screen.

How do I give feedback?

We hope you enjoy exploring CDS DocBoX! Let us know if you encounter any difficulties, or what you like or don’t like about the experience in this form.

CDS DocBoX was created through a grant from the Revada Foundation.

Creative director: Alexa Dilworth

Developer, UX/UI designer: Aaron Kutnick

Graphic designer: Estlin Haiss

Editor: Brittany Barbee